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  • Inconel Wire Cloth

  • Inconel Wire Cloth

Inconel Wire Cloth

The Inconel alloys, based on nickel and chromium, have exceptionally broad usefulness. The alloys provide resistance to reducing and oxidizing corrosive solutions, and to high-temperature deterioration while displaying excellent creep-rupture properties. The addition of various elements to the basic nickel-chromium system enhances specific strength or corrosion resistance properties.

Product Description

Inconel 600/800Series is non-magnetic, has better oxidation resistance than pure nickel and good resistance to chloride-ion stress corrosion.

Wire MeshWireTypeWidth% OpenNotes
10 x 100.4Plain0.08470.6
10 x 100.63Plain0.07556.3
20 x 200.4Plain0.03446.2
35 x 350.3Plain0.023668.1
40 x 400.25Plain0.01536
50 x 500.2Plain0.01664
60 x 600.19Plain0.009230.3
100 x 1000.1Plain0.00636
120 x 1200.08Plain0.006357.8
200 x 2000.05Plain0.00336

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